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Just in via Dateline Disney. According to Al Lutz’s latest column on MiceAge, we can all feel safe about continuing to promulgate the rumor that Star Tours will finally receive a long overdue overhaul…

While Disneyland seems relatively quiet by comparison, there are a few surprises proposed for the original park in the next few years. The most promising is the new Star Tours 2.0 makeover that has just recently received its funding green-light from Burbank and is now slated for an arrival in Tomorrowland in the spring of 2011. While that attraction was originally supposed to arrive in spring, 2010, we’d detailed for you in a previous update how a wussy executive team out in Orlando got cold feet at spending as much money on their version as Anaheim had planned to spend on their installation.

Now, I have no way of proving it, but I distinctly remember pushing the idea of astar-tours-poster-web major refurb for Star Tours several years ago. It had a lot to do with the fact that amongst all of the refurb rumors flying around at the time, overhauling Star Tours seemed to make the most sense.

Why? Simple, in the world of business and project management and cost-analysis, a remake of Star Tours seemed the most feasible. You see, nothing is more appealing to a penny-pinching corporate suit (including myself) than the idea of going after “low-hanging fruit.” I know it’s a term that’s so overused these days, but it’s true. While I had no real insight as to the actual capital outlays required to revamp an attraction of this type, just the fact that the attraction relied on newer technologies like computer generated video and “virtual” environments to achieve it’s entertainment value made it a no-brainer in terms of cost in my mind. In other words, think of Star Tours as a very cool, specialized type of flight simulator. There’s a reason airlines and aircraft manufacturers rely on flight simulators… it’s easier to render all types of scenarios in a virtual environment. If it’s computer-based, it’s flexible and easy (read: cheaper) to modify (relatively speaking). I would assume that the same thing holds true for the engineering behind  Star Tours.

Little did I know at the time however, that there were other things in play besides cost considerations delaying the anticipated overhaul of this attraction. Things like legal challenges and strained relationships with stake-holders, and of course executives on both coasts jockeying for position. With that in mind, it really is amazing that anything gets done at the park.

At any rate, I really hope this rumor holds true. I’d love to see an update to this excellent attraction.


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America Sings InfoHappy 4th of July everybody! Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve added a new track to the Audioland section of the blog. I think you’ll really enjoy this month’s selection. BTW, If you’re crazy enough to be thinking about heading to Disneyland this holiday weekend, I really hope you have a great time amid the craziness and that you take a moment to reflect on this special day.


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I think that people are under the impression that just because we run a blog about Disneyland, that somehow we are always savvy as to what’s happening at the park at any given moment. I think Agent Zero was able to dispel this myth quite handily tonight. He called me earlier to let me know that they were leaving Disneyland a little early because they didn’t realize that Disneyland would be hosting Grad Night tonight. He was able to post some choice pics from his trip however, just before he got squeezed out of the exit gate.  Click here or on the ‘Agent Zero’ tab above to check out his latest.

Update (6/12): AZ paid another visit to Disneyland this morning and posted a few more pics.

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PeopleMover Attraction PosterOld news to hardcore Disney geeks, but still something of note for the casual fan.  I recently  ran across this rumor (in various embellishments) at a number of the regular chat rooms…

Is the PeopleMover coming back? Many fans sure hope so. As with all official rumors, details and sources are always sketchy.  Of all the rumors I’ve come across lately however, this one seems (to quote the Mythbusters) quite plausible. For all you desperately holding out hope, here’s just a few reasons why it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility…

  • Infrastructure is already in place. Yes it’s old and highly modified (ala’ The Rocket Rods), but it would most likely require relatively nominal amounts of capital expenditure to get it back into working condition. Mention the words “minimal cap-ex” to any Exec and watch their eyes light up. Yes there will be cost, but compare that to what you would shell out just in R&D for a completely new attraction.
  • It’s a classic. For many, the PeopleMover is as iconic to Disneyland as Sleeping Beauty’s castle (which coincidentally, just completed a major renovation).  Especially for the Forty-something crowd who remember this attraction quite fondly. Don’t believe me? Click here.
  • What else are you gonna do with this area? To this day, the abandoned Peoplemover/Rocket Rods track winds it’s way through an aging Tomorrowland. There’s got to be a reason why the eyesore remains. Just imagine the hassle of tearing it all down.
  • Disneyland’s 55th anniversary is right around the corner. People tend to become more nostalgic when anniversaries roll around. What could be more nostalgic then the return of a Tomorrowland classic?
  • Tomorrowland is (over)due for a big overhaul. A revamp of the PeopleMover is low-hanging fruit. Plus, think of the promotional and marketing tie-in possibilities. It’s enough to make your mouth water.

Of course I’ve also come across some credible arguments that contradict the reasons listed above, so I guess it’s just a question of wait-and-see. With many Disney-Geek fingers crossed of course.

It’s also rumored that Star Tours(at WDW and at Disneyland?) is also up for a long overdue upgrade. I found this rumor a little more believable however, since many have considered this an obvious “no-brainer” for years.


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