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You’re Grounded!

(Via Dateline Disney)
Brady MacDonald over a the LA Times takes a shot at the recently “recycled” revision of Mulholland Madness (aka Goofy’s Sky School). Rarely do I stray from commenting on anything beyond the tracks of the Disneyland Railroad, but I need to echo Mr. MacDonald’s disappointment.

I took a spin on the recent refurb this past weekend and have to say that it certainly wasn’t worth the thirty or so minutes my wife and I waited to ride. Even the father of two standing in front of us, couldn’t wait to voice his displeasure upon hearing that nothing major had changed on the attraction other than the aesthetics.

I really, really, really want to like this new park. C’mon Team Disney, help us out…

“I didn’t expect much from the re-imagineered ride, found at any freeway fun park or traveling carnival. But I could not have imagined much less from the team at Walt Disney Imagineering.”



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