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America Sings InfoHappy 4th of July everybody! Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve added a new track to the Audioland section of the blog. I think you’ll really enjoy this month’s selection. BTW, If you’re crazy enough to be thinking about heading to Disneyland this holiday weekend, I really hope you have a great time amid the craziness and that you take a moment to reflect on this special day.



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Semi-Live from Disneyland

Here’s the archived copy of Hugh Hewitt’s live broadcast from Disneyland earlier today. For those of you outside the L.A. radio market who may not be familiar, Hugh is a political commentator and talk radio host who takes a break every year to broadcast live from Disneyland. If you’ve never heard his Annual Disney Day broadcast before, I urge to click below and take a listen. Politics aside, if you’re a true fan of Disneyland, I think you’ll enjoy the show….

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