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Just added a RSS newsfeed widget for D23 to the bottom right side of the page. I know that D23 covers much more beyond  Disneyland, but I’ve seen enough of their content to know that there is some very intresting news coming over this particular feed.



Agent Zero has just posted new pics from his trip to Disneyland earlier today. He mentioned that the crowds weren’t too bad for a summer Sunday morning, but as the temperature began to rise, so apparently did the attendance. Still, it’s nice to know that there’s somebody willing to battle the heat to get us some new pics.

Click here or on the “Agent Zero” tab above to check out his latest trip report.


Here’s the archived copy of Hugh Hewitt’s live broadcast from Disneyland earlier today. For those of you outside the L.A. radio market who may not be familiar, Hugh is a political commentator and talk radio host who takes a break every year to broadcast live from Disneyland. If you’ve never heard his Annual Disney Day broadcast before, I urge to click below and take a listen. Politics aside, if you’re a true fan of Disneyland, I think you’ll enjoy the show….

Just FYI.

Changed the Flickr photo widget on the bottom right of the page to update from Agent Zero’s photostream rather than mine. AZ has way more activity on his photostream (you never know what the dude is gonna post) and I figured it might add a lot more variety.


Sam’s Day Off.

peteI took the day off because I deserve it. I basically told all of my clients that I was out of the office today and did my best to ignore the constant e-mail notification dings on my phone. I stopped by Disneyland around 2PM to snap a few pics and found that even on a weekday, the summer crowds at Disneyland Resort will soon be on their way. The overcast skies (aka June Gloom) burned off just after lunch giving us a preview of life at Disneyland when things start heating up. Schools out and people want to have some fun. Yes, the economy may be slow, but it’s not that bad. Trust me. I also need to point out that I’m not as handy as Agent Zero when it comes to putting a trip report together, but I hope you enjoy the pics regardless…

Click here to see the pics from my visit to Disneyland earlier today.

Another day, another birthday. One of Disney’s best after-dark entertainment offerings turns 37 years old today. It was on this day in 1972 when Disney first premiered a revolutionary offering to thousands of guests at Disneyland known as the Main St. Electrical Parade. Since then, the popularity of this unique piece of entertainment has waxed and waned (mostly waxed) in popularity. As a kid, I have some very fond memories of summer nights on Main St. watching float after float of twinkling lights pass by accompanied by a soundtrack that once you hear it, you will never forget. It was nice to see that Disney made the right decision to resurrect the parade. Even though the parade now takes place at DCA, like many things, it’s just not the same.

Bonus! Check out this cool video I dug up from from Mousefiles.com and check out those cool 80’s hairdos!

matterhornWell you may not know it, but 50 years ago today a soon-to-be icon opened to guests at a then fledgling amusement park known as Disneyland. While there have been no formal plans to make public this grand occasion by Disney management (probably because there’s no promotional DVD to tie it to) there are many of us who will never forget our first ride on the Matterhorn. No, it’s not connected with a Pixar cartoon or a popular teen celebrity, but we still love it just the same. Well Matterhorn, it looks like your parents forgot you birthday (a ‘la Sixteen Candles) but we sure didn’t. Here’s to 50 more great years…

June 14, 1959 – June 14, 2009